vieve and jo: An update

vieve and jo: An update

As a friend, I wanted you to hear the latest news on vieve and jo from me, as well as the path that led to this incredibly hard decision. 

This dress line is, and forever will be, something I’m extremely proud of. It’s provided me with an enormous challenge, helped introduce me to an entirely new industry, and connected me with professionals with talents I didn’t know humans could possess.

From the very beginning, my dream for vieve and jo was to make four styles per season, right here in the United States. I was excited about the opportunity, felt ready to rise to the challenge, and eager to build a brand that defined not only myself, but the women I loved and adored. All while addressing what’s currently missing in women’s apparel.

Which is why I’m extremely sad to share with you that, for now, vieve and jo will need to be put on hold. My decision to pause production on this line comes consciously after a lot reflection and the realization that this year has been extremely challenging.

In the last nine months leading up to launch, the world has changed. Once I felt we finally had the samples exactly where I wanted them, the pandemic was upon us. Literally overnight, vendors ceased operations and production lines shut down. Quickly, my plans towards a small, thoughtful collection made here in the States hit a roadblock.

Even if my plan was always to make dresses here at home, COVID-19 has made it extremely difficult to even ship materials necessary to do so to America in a timely manner. Or in any manner at all. After speaking with my manufacturer, unfortunately there’s no end in sight.

Over time, these delays have intensified and continue to weigh on me. I slowly felt as though everything I wanted the brand to be was slipping away. My desire for comfortable, colorful, American-made, form-flattering silhouettes continued to be challenged. Without the ability to manufacture here in the United States, everything I want the brand to stand for suddenly felt up for debate. 

In the past few weeks, I’ve had to ask myself some tough questions: How do I keep pushing to make dresses I love and believe in when I have to succumb to standards less that what I’d strived for? Do I pause and revisit my dreams once the pandemic is passed? Do I fold to the pressures of the industry and manufacture overseas? These questions are what has kept me up at night. 

In the end, I refuse to compromise on the dreams I have for vieve and jo.

In sharing this news with you, the hardest thing to face is personally feeling as if I’ve failed. Am I choosing to give up too soon? Should I do whatever it takes, even if it’s not what the brand is built on, to keep going? However, after a lot of reflection, I can tell you this is truly the best decision right now for the brand, my family, and me.

I remain hopeful that in the future, and in some shape or form, vieve and jo will one day become a reality.

I want to extend a huge, heartfelt thank you to you for the love and support you’ve shown me time and again from the moment I embarked on this adventure until now. I’m forever grateful. 



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