The truth behind the ampersand

The truth behind the ampersand

Can I tell you a secret, friend?

I’ve never been one to like ampersands.

As a publicist, I would draw a redline through one whenever it came across copy I was editing.

For the longest time, I thought it was a logo accent even the most basic brand gravitated to.

I’d roll my eyes whenever a graphic designer would put one in front of me when designing logos for my businesses.

Then one day, it hit me.

I was wrong.

The ampersand is actually quite amazing.


Because it symbolizes inclusion.

And I love all the different ways it can represent my dream: To make brightly colored dresses that women want to live in.

The ampersand symbolizes that women can be smart and beautiful…

Chic and comfortable…

They can be both bright and bold…

Seen and heard…

Glamorous and put together—without effort…

I want to make getting dressed fun again.

And that starts with me & you.

See what I did there?

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