Why I'm launching a dress line

Why I'm launching a dress line

My heart broke on December 3, 2016.

At a bridal shower.

It had nothing to do with the bride.

Or the shower.

But it had everything to do with what another guest said to me.

“I’m always so jealous of how cute you look,” she said. “I’ve never felt comfortable enough to wear a dress.”

She wasn’t being rude to me.

It wasn’t a backhanded compliment.

But it broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes, nonetheless.

“Like ever?” was all I could respond. Still not comprehending.

“Never. I can never find one that fits me.”

It was in that moment that I realized that we were in our 30s.

We were women.

We were literally the demographic that dresses are made for.

And here in front of me, was a woman admitting that she’s never been comfortable enough or lucky enough to find a dress that she could wear.


It didn’t seem right.

Hell, it didn’t seem fair.

The subject turned to small talk and the shower carried on.

Long after presents, games, and cake, I was driving home in my car when I started sobbing uncontrollably thinking about that conversation.

And all of the time spent staring at my own closet.


Possibly in tears.

Willing something to jump out off its hanger that didn’t make me feel... less than.

An outfit that covered all of my curves—without it looking like I was in Vegas.

Something to wear that was fun, bright, and chic—in a season where everyone was dressing in black or nudes.

Clothes that didn’t put me into an age bucket—or worse, cause someone to bring up the phrase age appropriate.”

A bottom that was long enough to lift my arms to give a presentation.

A top that supported my girls enough so I wouldn’t have to hunch over should a stiff breeze blow by or I had to grab an item in the frozen food section and a nipple might pop out.

And please let it be an outfit that didn’t require leg prisons (what I call pants) or the dreaded strapless bra.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because this is why I’m launching a dress line.

That was the day I realized enough was enough. That if no one else was going to create clothes that fit real bodies of real women—even if every brand bragged they already were—I’d do it myself.

And every style would have a built-in bra.

With pockets.

And every style would come in bright colors.

That we would never have to dry clean or hand wash.

Because who has time for all that nonsense?

This is preciously why I'm launching a dress line.

I started vieve and jo because I wanted fashion for women to feel inclusive of all women.

I wanted to take an industry still heavily run by men and make quality dresses that actually fit a real woman’s body.

I wanted to create comfortable, bright, and beautiful dresses that women wanted to live in.

Without selling my soul to attract investors or compromising my values on the production.

I wanted to make getting dressed fun for women again.

Want to know the other reason I started this adventure?

I had absolutely not a f**king thing to wear for work or play. And I was tired of feeling frustrated with my own closet.

I hope you love what I've spent years dreaming and creating as much as I do.

I also hope that no other woman ever says, "I can't find a dress that fits me or makes me feel comfortable" again.

Here's to Bright. Pretty. Dresses. for all!

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